Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Word-Filled Wednesday - My First!

I discovered "Word-Filled Wednesday" on my friend Carrie's blog. I followed her link to find out more about it, and I just knew I wanted to start this!

What better verse to start this other than the one which I have based Nicholson Photography.

I have always dreamed of being a photographer and teacher. Teaching was a "safer" route for me, so I sought after that goal first. My dream for photography became buried under school, teaching, getting married, building a house, etc.

When we had our first child, Emily, I did her newborn portraits. The photo in this post is one of them. She was my inspiration for Nicholson Photography. It was that session that made me realize the talent God has given me. He put the passion in my heart.

I pray that I can continue to use this blog praise Jesus and share scripture that is meaningful to me.


Carrie said...

Beautiful, Ashley!!!

Love your new siggy, too! ;)

This is just my 2nd week for WFW, and I'm so excited about it, too ... glad you're joining in!

lori said...

WOW! What a blessing this verse was and what a blessing this site is!! It's nice to "meetcha" Ashley with the COOL signature! have one incredible gift! Thank you for sharing it with us...I do hope you'll stay!

Beautiful! Simply beautiful!


Nicholson Photography said...

Thanks Ladies!

Missie said...

Beautiful! Great way to start WFW!

Stacey said...

Ohh I LOVE this it gave me the chills when I read it:) Great verse & picture!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Beautiful! May God continue to grow your talent and bless your work.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

BTW, I usually participate in WFW, but this week life got in the way. I love it! It's a great pick me up for the middle of the week. I hope you've had a great WFW!

Nicholson Photography said...

Wow!! What a great first WFW :)

Thank you for all the lovely comments...Can't wait for next week!

SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} said...

Awesome photo! So glad you're joining in :) I find each week to be such an encouragement... it's my favorite day of the week!