Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall Special '09

Greetings and Happy Fall to All!

Here is the Fall Special as promised. View the attachment for more details or go online.

The location is Village Creek State Park in Lumberton. There will be a $2 admission fee at the entrance, but no session fee is required!

As with all specials, you must prepay your package online.

You will also have the option to remove the pumpkins and do a hunting/camouflage portrait any props you’d like to bring.

In case you didn’t know, the Nicholson family is expecting a new baby in March! Please consider this when planning for the holidays. The Fall Special has a nice wooded background, which is great for family and/or Christmas portraits. Please use this opportunity beat the upcoming busy holidays, or try to schedule your private session as early as possible.

Two Saturdays are available for the Fall Special, October 17th and October 24th. Sessions will be scheduled 15-20 minutes apart. Contact me to schedule today!

Of course, camouflage attire is best for the camo portrait, and almost anything goes with the pumpkins since the background is not very busy...Fall clothing/colors, denim, khakis, etc. You can even wear Halloween costumes!

Please forward to anyone else who may be interested.


Ashley Nicholson
Nicholson Photography