Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a great looking family.

Governor Palin and her family, minus her 4 month old baby, Trig.
She may be our first female vice-president, so, of course, I am interested in her and her life. I wasn't ready for Hillary, but I am ready for Sarah.
I have read a little about her...Education is one of her priorities, and she opposes same-sex marriage and abortion. Her husband is active in snowmobile racing, she is sports team mom and school volunteer, and she runs marathons! Sarah's son is in the army, so that will give her perspective on international events and the impacts of war. Her unmarried 17 year old daughter is pregnant, and many would look down on that, but I admire Palin for being honest about it in the beginning. We can't judge Palin for her daughter's choices. I also read that Sarah admits to smoking marijuana, when it was decriminalized in Alaska. So, she's not perfect, but like I said, honest. Her newest son was born with down syndrome. I have faith that God only gives you what he knows you can handle, so I know she is a strong woman.
She and her family seem well-rounded. We have to look at reality...Considering McCain's age and questionable health, she could be America's first female president! She is young and attractive, and I look forward to what she has to offer our country.


Moments by Mindy said...

look at you going all political! i agree with your statement that with cain's age/health, she truly could be our first woman president. i just wish she would get rid of her glasses and let her hair down-i don't like how she always has it up like that! her family does seem like a "normal" family! what a breath of fresh air! great post!

Nicholson Photography said...

Thank you thank you...I was a little hesitant on attaching my political beliefs to my photography business, but this is what I believe in! Even if my clients don't agree with me, they can still get to know me better.