Friday, September 26, 2008


Things are finally getting back to normal around my house. Back to work, back to school. We've had to pull up carpet in two rooms, so we're living in other parts of the house...A little cluttered. Lost the food in the refrigerator, not much other than that. So, we can't complain too much. Although we hadn't planned on evacuating for Hurricane Ike, we left at the last minute on Friday afternoon. We stayed a few days in Leander, near Austin, with Cory's parents. Here are some shots from our "hurrication."

This first photo was taken on our way to Leander, with me and my camera hanging out the car window!

Paw-Paw Nicholson took us sight seeing around town...On this next one of Emily, I can't decide if I like color or black & white better...What do you think?

We had fun at the capitol...

Again...Color or Black & White?

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Danny said...

Paw Paw and Gramm loved this very much.