Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Emily's First Day of Mother's Day Out

Today was the first day of Mother's Day Out. I have been so anxious about it. I was nervous last night, packing her backpack and lunch, worried I would forget something. She met a new friend, Mia, and started playing with her right away. She didn't even notice we left.
As I was walking back into work, I started reading over her September calendar, and it hit me how big she is! This month they will learn A, M, 0, 1, red, yellow, circle, Old Mother Hubbard, Baby Moses, and meet a policeman. Wow! My little girl is not a baby anymore.
For lunch, I packed her cut-up wienies, bananas, and gerber crunchies. When I was unpacking everything this evening, we found a few stray cheetos...Ha! I guess she shared with someone. I'm sure she just reached over and helped herself to some poor child's lunch.
Emily's sitter has her daughter at Mother's Day Out as well, but they are in different classes. All the children went outside on the playground, and they found each other. I bet they were glad to see one another. I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch her learn and interact with the other children.
I know she will love this, and I have made a great decision for her...This is a big step for all of us!

Now for an overload of pictures!

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